Intra-African exports as a percentage of total African exports has increased from about 10% in 1995 to around 17% in 2017, but it remains low compared to levels in Europe (69%), Asia (59%), and North America (31%).

Bridging the Data Gap in Africa’s Ag-Trade Industry

Q2 2022 Newsletter | Dbuntu Africa

  1. Provide mobile electronic record keeping and analytics tools, and in return gather valuable data insights for our clients.
  2. Deploy technology & data products with the aim to facilitate lucrative investment opportunities in inter-African trade.
D4Ag ™ —; a simple mobile record keeping and farm management suite that fosters data-driven decision making and empowers small, medium, and large farms in Uganda & East Africa to optimize their food production and improve their productivity/performance.
AfricaXTN ™ —; a peer-to-peer electronic trading network for physical commodities in Africa.



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